Car insurance articles

Advancement in car insurance

If your routine travelling on car is very little in terms of mileage, you may choose a new car insurance, pay-as-you-drive. You pay premium for each mile you drive, although coverage provided only secures while you are driving.

Should You Try Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance?

A new car insurance offers people the ability to pay only for the times that they need protection. Pay-as-you-drive promises savings, but is it the right car insurance for you?

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Gender-based Car Insurance Price Ban Spreading

Car insurance prices can vary by gender, but new laws in Europe and several US states may ban gender discrimination in car insurance. Hear the arguments; you might be effected.

The Biggest Myths in Car Insurance

These car insurance myths can be worse than dragons, unicorns, and griffins combined. Don’t get burned by believing these lies about car insurance – get the facts.

Car Insurance Fraud: Preemptive Strike!

Learn to protect yourself from the car insurance fraud that is rapidly becoming an epidemic in America. Millions of cases of car insurance fraud occur yearly; policyholders are the victims.

Car insurance is not such a complicated thing after you learn some basics and essentials. The following frequently asked questions will give you a better understanding of car insurance in general.

There’s much debate about car insurance shopping on the web and people are curious about the advantages they get when they are shopping for car insurance online rather than through traditional means.